CONSULTANCY: VNS is your partner . Our Ame: NO RESULT, NO PAY.For a lot of problems there are solutions. Rationality and mobility will help you a lot furhur. It's all about Consultancy .

    CONTRACTORS: various administrative, financial,commercial goals .

    RESEARCH: various markets ex. You want to buy a resort and receive a file. We go "undercover" and look out that what you've received reflects the reality. Often relality is not the same as a "dossier". Our experience shows in a lot of cases that investments files don't give a real objectif up-to-date but a lot of camouflage technics. Our research gives a objectif, selectif, neutral and discrete report.

    DRIVING LESSONS: VNS gives by means of his exploitant driving lessons: brevet: II en V (lorry's). Driving lessons are given in own management or in co-operation with driving schools.Lesson in own management are give with the car of the candidat and are preparation lessons for the driving test or furthur perfection

    COMMISSIONER: VNS is an independent agent of a private capital-lending company DUBAI

    SALES DOMAIN NAMES: some of our domain names are for sale :vns.eu,glitter.be,

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